The Sunshine State

Well guys, I gotta tell you, my journey to FL, wasn’t the funniest.

 I had to change my flight twice!

 Okay, we knew that from the start, but still, I was a bit nervous about it.

Reading and waiting for the plane in Charlotte.

And then what happened? My last flight, from Charlotte, NC to Jacksonville got canceled.


And I was like ‘What?’

Omg! They kept delaying it, and then, at 10.30 PM, Oops, sorry guys.

So I spent my first night in the USA at the airport, sleeping on a COT (seriously).

This is where we slept!

Awesome, I can recommend it to everyone.

Just kidding, don’t even think about trying it, my calves were hurting, like… So, yeah.

We (2 American, 1 British kid) got up around 5 AM,

and waited for the plane(morning flight) to depart at 7.50.

How my dear Host Family was waiting for me.

Luckily, when I got to Jacksonville, my host family was waiting for me, and I can’t even describe the RELIEF I felt, when I saw them.

Geez… So that’s it.

Everything is just great.

cy, guys,